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Identify how users are interacting with your site and how this is changing over time with this GA4 engagement report template. The report will show you what pages and features your users are engaging with. You can easily customise it and schedule to send automatically straight to your team or clients in Slack, MS Teams and email.

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GA4 engagement & events business report template

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GA4 Engagement report contents

What is included in this report template?

Engagement KPIs

The key metrics at the top of your engagement report will give you a quick view of user engagement and how it changed over time. The engagement indicators show the percentage of people who found your site relevant and interesting enough to interact with your content, and you can also see how many sessions overall users did not bounce, they stayed to interact.


Understand behaviour patterns by seeing how your platform is retaining users and keeping them engaged over time. The line chart of DAU, WAU and MAU measures the number of unique users engaging with your site over a daily, weekly and monthly time period offering you a comprehensive overview of sustained usage.

Top pages

See which pages have the most sessions and events. Seeing this can help you determine the performance of differing pieces of content and campaigns. Seeing bounce rate can help you see which pages have a high bounce rate and may need optimising to improve engagement. You can customise this table in your engagement report to show only the specific pages that matter to you.

Top events

On the second tab of your engagement report you can see a table of top events. This is useful to track trends over time of how event engagement is changing. You can also filter the table to show only your custom events, for example ‘sign-up’, ‘add to basket’ events etc.

GA4 engagement reports using data from all of your data sources and sent to Slack, MSTeams or Email.

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