Google Analytics in Slack

(and email & MSTeams)

Google Analytics reports, alerts and goals in Slack, MSTeams & email.

Slack + Teams + Email

Get more from Google Analytics

Extend Google Analytics to give your team a productivity boost. Google Analytics reports in Slack saves you time, and site monitoring helps you fix issues before they become critical.

Automated reporting

Automate your reporting for Google Analytics, schedule who receives reports and get them in Slack, Teams and email.

Automated reporting

Anomaly detection

Advanced AI monitoring scans your Google Analytics data 24/7. Your team will be notified as soon as an anomaly is detected.

Anomaly detection

Goals tracking

Set business goals. Simply choose any metric from Google Analytics and we’ll let you know when you’ll hit your targets.

KPI tracking

Insights (coming soon)

AI will scan all your data and keep you informed with how your business is doing and changing.

Actionable Insights

How to get (UA) Google Analytics in Slack and email and MSTeams

Step 01

Sign in with Slack or Google

Click ‘Add to Slack’ or click here. You can then sign in with your Slack workspace, or with your Google account if you wish.

Step 02

Add a project & connect Google Analytics

Click to connect the datasources you want to use, you’ll see Google Analytics as well as many more that we support.

Step 03

Select pre-built reports/monitors

We will choose the best type of reports & monitors for your business based on your data type, just select these on the next screen.

Step 04

Choose recipients

On the final screen simply choose who you want to receive the reports and alerts for when there is an anomaly. Add Slack channels, Teams or as many email addresses as you like. That’s it!

Report Templates

Browse the Google Analytics automated report templates

Google Analytics

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