Plausible in Slack

(and email & MSTeams)

Extend Plausible Analytics with automated reporting, monitoring and goal tracking straight in Slack.

Slack + Teams + Email

Powerful features to extend Plausible

Save your team time checking dashboards, capture critical issues quickly and keep on top of your business goals. Simply layer on our plug and play features to get more from Plausible:

Automated reporting for Plausible

Get Plausible reports sent to your team automatically. Easily customise your reports to include your important metrics.

Automated reporting

Anomaly detection for Plausible

Monitor your Plausible metrics for anomalies. When an issue happens get an alert sent straight to your team for a quick response.

Anomaly detection

Goals tracking for Plausible

Set any goal using your Plausible metrics and see your progress in Slack & email. Smart prediction will show you whether you are on track to hit your targets.

KPI tracking

Insights for Plausible

AI driven insights for Plausible extract the most important changes and drivers of your business. Don’t miss a thing.

Actionable Insights

How to get Plausible into Slack (& email and MSTeams)

Step 01

Sign in

Click the button ‘Add to Slack’ you’ll find at at the top of this page - or click here. This will open a window in Slack where you can choose which Slack workspace you want to connect. Then click ‘Accept and continue’.

Step 02

Connect Plausible

After setting your timezone you’ll see a series of buttons for all the different datasources available to connect. Click Plausible and follow the window instructions which popup.

Step 03

Choose reports & alerts

Get the pre-built plausible performance report & monitor your New users. Just keep the checkboxes on the next page checked.

Step 04

Choose who receives reports & alerts

Next add the recipients - they can be any Slack channel, email or MSTeams. You can then go on to customise your reports, add other metrics to monitor. Voila!

Report Templates

Try these pre-built Plausible report templates to send to your team


Plausible report

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Slack + Teams + Email

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