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Automate your Shopify analytics in Slack

Keep track of everything happening in your Shopify store. Get automated reports, actionable Insights and alerts of issues straight to Slack, email or MS Teams

Slack + Teams + Email
Automated Shopify report sent to Slack.

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All your Shopify and marketing data in one place

Get your most important analytics in-front of your team:

  1. Shopify

  2. GA4

  3. Facebook page & Ads

  4. Google Ads

  5. Google Search Console


AI-driven data analysis will uncover opportunities and issues

We analyse thousands of data-points everyday to reveal the most impactful issues, trends, SERP changes, wins & more with your store. Get daily or weekly updates to help your team stay ahead.

Actionable Insights

Shopify reporting

Effortlessly automated Shopify reports

Set reports once and get them automatically sent to your team in Slack and email. Use ready-made Shopify templates or build your own reports effortlessly.

Automated Shopify reports

Shopify store monitoring

24/7 store monitoring to alert your team at the first sign of trouble

Don’t miss a thing with anomaly detection. Monitor everything that could signal an issue and get alerts straight to your team so action can be taken quickly.

Store monitoring


Keep track of your Shopify store and business KPIs

See all your KPIs in one place. Empower your team to proactively set and check progress. And with predictive analytics know before the end of the month if you need to take action to stay on track.

Shopify KPI tracking

Shopify analytics and reporting

Scheduled regualr report for Shopify store.

Get started with your daily Shopify report in Slack

What our customers are saying

Great product, love the insights provided in Slack!

Weverton Timoteo
CTO at SourceLevel

Easy way to follow up Google Analytics and share the insights with your team.

Anna Pogrebniak
Marketing at AddSearch

User-friendly product. I love their Slack integration.

Vladislav Podolyako
Founder at Belkins & Folderly