Surge in new users chart in Slack. Insight on higest new users.

Make Slack the hub for your analytics

Get beautiful marketing reports, goal updates, and alerting, all in the place you will actually see it.

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Metric monitor for registrations triggered in Slack. KPIs goals and budget tracking chart.

Connect and get more from your data

Track your key metrics and progress towards goals and ad spend
Understand changes in your data and the reasons why, without doing any manual analysis
All without checking external tools
Data-rich analytics reports sent to Slack.

Automated reports

Automate your marketing reports straight into Slack

Create stunning reports effortlessly and automatically share them with your team, clients, and stakeholders via Slack and email. Get them every day, week or month.

Actionable Insights

Surface issues and opportunities to keep your team ahead

We analyse thousands of data-points everyday to reveal the most impactful issues, trends, SERP changes, wins & more. Weekly updates will help your team stay ahead of issues and take advantage of opportunities.

Actionable insights sent to team to help inform business strategy.
A dashboard showing goals tracking of KPIs.

KPI tracking

Help your team reach their KPI and OKR goals and keep your ad budgets on track

Set your monthly goals and ad spend budgets and get updates on progress straight to Slack. Predictive analytics will let you know if you are on or off track so you can take action before the end of the month.

Anomaly monitoring

Catch issues before they cost your business with live alert notifications

Anomaly monitoring scans your data for unusual spikes and dips. Monitor any metric from any datasource and get alerts to your team in Slack so you know quickly when to take action.

Anomaly detection with alerts sent to your team through Slack.
An automated performance report showing Google Analytics 4 metrics.

Reveal your insights in a few clicks

Trusted by companies big and small

Stay close to your business with automated data insights straight to Slack, Teams & email

Quick & easy setup

Just add your datasources and we’ll handle the rest

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