Ad budget monitoring.
Monitor ad budget

Monitor your ad budgets and prevent overspend

Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets. Easily monitor your ad budgets in one place. See goal pacing and estimated spend to keep your client’s budgets on track.

Slack + Teams + Email

Trusted by companies big and small

KPI tracker dashboard showing users budget goals.

Ad budget dashboard

See how all your ad budgets are tracking at a glance

See all your ad budgets in one place. Predicted values let you know how you are pacing with colour coding to alert you quickly where action is needed. Track more than just budgets; CPC, ROAS, conversion rate, conversions and more.

Ad spend reports

Track ad spend straight in Slack or email

Don’t miss a thing, get daily, weekly or monthly ad spend updates sent straight to your team in Slack, email or MS Teams.

Ads spend report sent to a team on slack.
Ads report sent to slack to track budgets.

Automated AD reports

See campaign performance with automated ad reports

Create stunning ad reports effortlessly to keep an eye on your overall ad performance. The report builder helps you quickly customise your ad report, then simply set and forget and receive your report direct to your team.

Automated reporting

Monitor all AD budgets

Consolidate your ad and analytics platforms

Monitor your adwords spend, Facebook ad budgets, Search budgets and more. Connect all your favourite ad platforms; if yours is missing we will add it for you. Get in touch to let us know.

Tracking budgets across all your data sources.

How to monitor your ad budgets

Stay close to your business with automated data insights straight to Slack, Teams & email

Quick & easy setup

Just add your datasources and we’ll handle the rest

Slack + Teams + Email

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