Actionable Insights

Uncover actionable insights in your data

Transform your marketing data into the most impactful insights to help you catch issues and uncover opportunities.

Slack + Teams + Email
Actionable Insights generated by AI helping buisnesses make data-based decisions.

We analyse thousands of datapoints to extract the most impactful insights

SEO insights

Uncover new backlinks, keep track of changes in search position, clicks and impressions.

Marketing wins

Share wins with your team as they happen, get notified of your best weeks and months of the year.

Urgent issues

Daily automatic analysis for any unusual spikes and dips so you can catch issues quickly.


Keep an eye on changes in performance of your ad and email campaigns and budgets.


Get valuable insights into customer behavior so you can optimize marketing strategies & UX.


See trends in conversions and be notified about any sudden dips and spikes and why they happened.


Uncovering changes in user engagement will help you know when to assess and optimize.

Seasonality insights

MOM and YOY insights enable proactive tracking of seasonal changes.

Simply connect your marketing data to reveal your latest Insights

Dashboard with expanded details for a deep dive into each actionable insight.
Daily or weekly updates directly to your team with: Slack + Teams + Email
Drive collaboration by making data more visible.
Save time searching, we’ll show you what caused the Insight.

Actionable Insights FAQs

Helping businesses get more from their data

Great product, love the insights provided in Slack!

Weverton Timoteo
CTO at SourceLevel

Easy way to follow up Google Analytics and share the insights with your team.

Anna Pogrebniak
Marketing at AddSearch

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Stay close to your business with automated data insights straight to Slack, Teams & email

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Just add your datasources and we’ll handle the rest

Slack + Teams + Email

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