Facebook ads report template

See how your ad campaigns are performing with this out of the box Facebook ads report template. See your campaign ad spend, CTR, CPC, conversions and more. Help your team keep track of your campaigns by scheduling it to automatically send to Slack, MS Teams and email. Supports Meta ads.

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Facebook ads report template

How to get an automated Facebook ads report

Get this report sent daily, weekly or monthly direct to your team in Slack and email. Simply connect your data and set where you want to receive your Facebook ads report:

Connect to Facebook.

Connect Facebook ads / Meta ads

Add a report.

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Select your recipient.

Automate sending to Slack, MS Teams & email

Facebook ads overview reports using data from all of your data sources and sent to Slack, MSTeams or Email.

Automated Ad reports

All your ad and PPC performance sent direct to your team

Simply connect all your ad platforms and get daily, weekly or monthly progress reports sent to your team. Easy report customisation helps you get to the heart of your campaign performance.

Automated reporting

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