Goals update report sent via slack to slack with team reaction to progress.
KPI Tracking

Track your KPIs in one place

One KPI dashboard to see your progress at a glance. Empower your team to proactively set and check your KPIs with updates in Slack, MS Teams and email.

Slack + Teams + Email

Easily set, manage and track your KPIs

Goals dashboard to quickly and easily track your KPIs
Set goals for any metric and see your progress. Choose from any metric in your connected datasources.
Get updates on KPI progress straight to your team in Slack, email & MSTeams.
Smart prediction let’s you see ahead of your deadline how close or far you will be from your target.

How to track your website KPIs

Helping businesses get more from their data

Great product, love the insights provided in Slack!

Weverton Timoteo
CTO at SourceLevel

Easy way to follow up Google Analytics and share the insights with your team.

Anna Pogrebniak
Marketing at AddSearch

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Stay close to your business with automated data insights straight to Slack, Teams & email

Quick & easy setup

Just add your datasources and we’ll handle the rest

Slack + Teams + Email

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