Surge in new users chart in Slack. Insight on higest new users.

All your marketing data in the tools you already love

Automated reports, alerting and goal tracking,
sent straight to your team

Loved by 500+ marketing teams & agencies


Metric monitor for registrations triggered in Slack. KPIs goals and budget tracking chart.

Connect and get more from your data

Track your key metrics and progress towards goals and ad spend
Understand changes in your data and the reasons why, without doing any manual analysis
All without checking external tools
A dashboard showing goals tracking of KPIs.

Actionable Insights

Uncover all the notable changes that happened last week

Never miss a thing. We’ll analyse thousands of data points every week to uncover the most notable changes, and send you a report every Monday. Reveal trends, anomalies, SERP changes, new backlinks, best months of the year & more.

Actionable insights

Anomaly detection

Avoid costly mistakes with 24/7 monitoring for issues

AI detects issues before humanly possible by constantly analysing your data. Alerts keep your team ahead of any significant changes. See what caused the issue without checking external tools to save your team time investigating.

Anomaly detection
An anomaly has been detected in GA4 which triggers a notification in Slack or email.
A dashboard showing goals tracking of KPIs.

KPI & budget Tracking

Stay on track with your KPIs, OKRs and ad budgets

Keep your team updated and on track with goal progress reports in Slack, email and MS Teams. With predictive analytics know before the end of the month if you need to take action to reach your goals or prevent overspend.

KPI tracking

What our customers are saying

Customer testimonial image for SourceLevel.

Great product, love the insights provided in Slack!

Weverton Timoteo
CTO at SourceLevel
Customer testimonial image for AddSearch.

Easy way to follow up Google Analytics and share the insights with your team.

Anna Pogrebniak
Marketing at AddSearch
Customer testimonial image for Belkins & Folderly.

User-friendly product. I love their Slack integration.

Vladislav Podolyako
Founder at Belkins & Folderly
An automated performance report showing Google Analytics 4 metrics.

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